How can I check my betting history?

To check your recent betting history, you have to click your Current amount next to the Deposit tab, then Account (For mobile, please press Current amount - Account - the 3 stacked lines on the top left corner of the screen)

Once you do that, you will see 5 tabs :

  • Open: Here, you will find all your bets that have not been settled yet
  • Settled: Here, you will notice all your won or lost bets
  • All: Here, you will find all your bets (Open, closed and Cashed Out) 
  • Cashed Out: Here, you will view all your cashed out bets


Over the Cashed Out tab on the right corner, you will see an option named Show where you can customize your search options :

  • First is ( Last ) 24 H - here you will see only the bets placed in the last 24H


  • The second Option is ( Last ) 7 days - here you can see only the bets placed in the last 7 days


  • The third option is From - Till: here you can select to search a specific date


  • The fourth option is After the Bet id - here, you can take a specific bet ID and find it without any issues



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