What is the "Handicap" market?

In the Handicap markets, a lead (of points, goals, points, etc.) is given to the team that is considered the weakest in a match. In a European Handicap, unlike the Asian, a draw is also possible.

Example of an Arsenal vs Dortmund match:

An "Arsenal -1" bet proves correct, if Arsenal wins with a difference of two goals or more. A "Tie On Handicap -1" wins, if Arsenal wins with just one goal difference and "Dortmund +1" wins in the event of a draw or if Dortmund wins (as a 2X double chance).

Respectively, the "Arsenal +1" bet wins in the event of a draw or Arsenal's win (as a 1X double chance). A "Tie on Handicap +1" wins with Dortmund's victory by just one goal and "Dortmund -1" wins, if Dortmund wins with a difference of two goals and more.

The above applies to all the different match cases. If you need any further clarification, you can get in touch with us through any available method in the Contact section. For further information on the Handicap market, you can visit the "Betting Rules" section in the footer of our homepage.

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