How does it work the Refer a friend Offer?

Refer a Friend explained

Refer-a-Friend is Stoiximan’s loyalty program for existing customers that awards a 10€ Free Bet each time they refer a friend to join Stoiximan! You just need to sign-up in the program and send the referral link to your friends. As soon as they use it to sign-up and make a first deposit, a 10€ Free Bet will be awarded to both! 


Am I eligible to make referrals? You can participate in the Refer-a-Friend program if you're a Stoiximan customer with an active account and a Refer a Friend campaign is available at the time on our platform.

Who can I refer and what do they need to do?  You can refer anyone who hasn't already had a Stoiximan account; all they need to do is to sign-up in Stoiximan with the link you sent to them and make a first deposit.

What should my referred friend do to qualify for the offer?  Your friends should first accept your referral by following your unique referral link, complete the referral form and sign-up in Stoiximan and finally make a first deposit to be eligible for the 10€ Free Bet.

Sounds good. How many people can I refer? We'll reward you for the first 10 referrals, up to 100€ in Free Bets, but you are welcome to refer as many friends and family as you wish.

How can I sign up? Check the steps below to sign yourself up in our Refer a Friend program

  • Go to
  • Select I want to participate.
  • Start sharing your unique referral link with your friends and family via email, sms, Facebook and Twitter.

How can I send a referral to a friend of mine? Check the steps below to invite a friend to our Refer a Friend program.

  • Go to and sign in with your account credentials.
  • From the Refer-a-Friend Dashboard, you can share your unique referral link by a messaging application e.g. Viber, Messenger or SMS and/or via email, Facebook post or Twitter
  • After sending your referral, you'll receive emails letting you know when your referral signs up for Stoiximan service and completes a first deposit and your reward is on the way!

How can I check my referral status? Have a look at the steps below, to see how your referral progresses.

  • Go to and sign in with your credentials.
  • From the Refer-a-Friend Dashboard, you can see your referral:
    • Successful: Your friend has signed-up in Stoiximan and made a First deposit; your referral has been validated and a 10€ Free Bet has been sent to both.

    • Pending: Your friend has signed-up in Stoiximan and made a first deposit and we're in the process of validating the referral.

    • Unsuccessful: Your friend has cancelled or is unable to complete the process, or it does not meet the criteria set out in our Terms and Conditions

How can I claim my reward? Once your referral has been processed, we will inform you via email that the reward has been credited to your account.

Which steps should my referred friend follow? Your referred friends should click the unique link provided by you and enter their full name and email address. Then click Submit and sign-up in Stoiximan and make a first deposit.


‘’Refer a Friend’’ General Terms, Stoiximan's General Terms and Conditions and Bonus Terms apply.

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